What Does Your Nail Shape Tells About Your Personality

When we interact with someone, we always look for personality indicators in the physical appearance of an individual. Don’t we? And if it’s a first meeting with someone, you immediately try to form an opinion in the first few seconds.

But here’s one little detail that we commonly overlook, yet could potentially tell so much more about that person!

A recent personality diagnosis trend in Japan suggests that shape of your nails could reveal characteristic traits about you.

What shape are your nails? 
Vertically long:
You’re a mild-tempered romanticist. It is likely that your right brain is more well-developed, and you’re the highly imaginative type. You are meticulous and creative, but you tend to get overwhelmed by the surrounding atmosphere and might easily be deceived, so you might want to be a little more cautious and alert.

Broad sideways: You’re a short-tempered theorist. It is likely that your left brain is more well-developed, and you’re the highly eloquent type. You clearly verbalize what your think, and that gives people an impression that you’re straightforward and clear-cut. However, you tend to be impatient and short-tempered.

Rounded or egg-shaped: You’re a laid-back pacifist. You’re the happy-go-lucky type who does things at your own pace. You’re very sociable, and whenever the people around you get into an argument, you’re always the first one to step in as a mediator. Your bright personality is well-liked by many, so keep yourself in check so that your friends won’t lose their trust in you.

Squarish: You’re serious and hard-headed. You’re the one with perseverance and guts; many men happen to fall under this type. Your serious attitude is a good thing, but your hard-headedness and inflexibility is like a flaw on a precious stone.

Triangular or inverted triangle: You’re the sensitive genius. You’re the provider of brand new ideas, and the one who always notices the minute details in things that others miss. People of the inverted triangle type can be a little pushy. They are likely to feel annoyed at people who are too comfortable with doing things at their own pace.

Almond-shaped: You’re faithful and honest. You have a vivid imagination and you’re kind and always sincere with people. You are very courteous and polite, but have low-tolerance, and tend to become short-tempered when it comes to things that you can’t accept. 

Sword-shaped: You’re the ambitious idealist. You’re the type who wouldn’t hesitate to work hard to achieve your goals. As long as it’s something that will help you advance towards your ideals, you’ll do it, even if it’s something you dislike.

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