These Are the Symptoms, Position, Function and Treatment of Appendicitis You Should Know About

The appendix is positioned at the lower right side of the stomach; it’s a little pouch-like sac.

Appendicitis is trigger by an inflamed appendix which can lead to mild to serious stomach ache.

Inflamed appendix may disrupt anytime and trigger severing pain on the right side of lower gut, so it’s vital to know the place and cautious signs of appendix.

The pain commonly begins form near belly button along with it are intolerable ache, nausea, vomiting and fever. To cure appendix, specialists must surgically eliminate the appendix from your body.

The appendix is located on the lower right hand side of your stomach.

Place the top of your right-hand hip bone in front of your body. Then, put the thumb on the top of hip bone and pinky finger on the side of the pubic bone.

Expand the index finger. Appendix recline in the precise position of the index finger.

The function of the appendix
Theory stated that appendix has something to do with the kid’s immune system but not with older kids and adult. Another theory is that it is linked to the digestive system.

Several doctors stated that it has good bacteria that supports in recovery of gastrointestinal issues.

But no one actually knows what it totally does in the body. Only one thing is for sure, we can survive without the appendix.

Cautious signs of appendicitis:

1. Belly button ache and appendicitis

- Even the appendix is placed at the right-side stomach, the pain commonly begins throughout the belly button then scatter to lower right stomach.

2. Right-side stomach ache is a cautious sign of appendicitis

- The common warning signs is from mild to serious ache in your right stomach which slowly gets worse in a 6 to 24 hours’ period.

3. Fever and appendicitis
- Accumulated bacteria will trigger infection then will result fever. Swelling may trigger mild or low-grade fever, but rupture appendix will trigger higher fever as the infection scatter to the stomach.

4. Nausea and vomiting along with appendicitis
- Stomach ache triggered by appendicitis will result in nausea and vomiting and pain caused by gastric problem will commonly begin around the same time as the stomach ache.

5. Unusual bowel movements
- Constipation, diarrhea, and the impotence to pass are all signs of appendicitis.

6. Persistent need to pee
- Pelvic ache and a continual need to pee occur in approximately 20 percent of appendicitis cases.

Treatment for appendicitis
- Doctors only solution of curing appendicitis is to eliminate through incision in the stomach where the appendix is positioned. Appendectomies cases are carried out as emergency methods to remove before the appendix breaks and scatters infection.
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