These Are The 7 Common Signs That Shows Your Body Requires More Folic Acid

Folate or vitamin B9 is important for our well being as it supports our body create and restore DNA and produce red blood cells. If your body is insufficient of folate, you may experience from specific symptoms and even develop anaemia, a problem when your internal organs cannot obtain sufficient oxygen to work well.

Here are the 7 most usual signs that your body requires more folic acid:

1. Cognitive Issues

- Folic acid is very essential to your central nervous system. If your body is insufficient in this vitamin, you may suffer with depression, have problem in concentrating, and feel forgetful and irritable. If not cured correctly, a lack consumption of folate may also rise the chances of developing severe problems like dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

2. Body Aches

- In serious cases of anemia triggered by lack of folate, your brain gets less oxygen than it rather should. In response, the brain’s arteries begin inflammation and you obtain a headache. Nevertheless, your brain is not the only organ that insufficient of oxygen, so you can also feel ache in other areas of your iron-deficient body, mostly in the chest and legs.

3. Pale Skin

- Hemoglobin, a protein controlled in red blood cells, is important for transporting oxygen from your lungs to all of your body tissues. When your body is insufficient in folate, you do not have sufficient red blood cells to give your internal organs with the required amount of oxygen. This can outcome in feelings of muscle weakness, fatigue, numbness in your hands and feet, and pale skin.

4. Shortness of Breath

- If you see yourself getting out of breath when doing things that you’d usually handle without any problems, this indicates that your oxygen levels are low due to your body is insufficient in red blood cells.

5. Digestive Issues

- Like gastrointestinal symptoms as nausea, vomiting, stomach ache, and diarrhea after meals may be the first symptoms that your body is insufficient in folic acid. Besides that, in serious cases, you may also experience from anorexia which commonly leads to important weight loss.

6. Mouth Sores and Tongue Inflammation

- These signs commonly happen when folate deficiency is quite serious, so you should not miss them. Your tongue may appear swollen, red, or shin, commonly throughout the tip and the edges at first. Because of the lessen in red blood cells, you may also feel ache when eating or experience from a sore tongue and stomatitis.

7. Decreased Sense of Taste

- Based to several studies, moreover to mouth sores, lack of folic acid may result in having problem in tasting your food. It occurs due to your taste receptors, called papillae, cannot forward messages to your brain by your nervous system because of the existing tongue issues.

Source: Bright Side
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