Menopause List: Symptoms, Stages, Treatment and When it Begins

Menopause – this is the stage where a woman stops having her period for one year, women age 48 is the average stage when women experience it. Menopausal stage has unpleasant symptoms, which connected to hormonal changes.

To know more about this here are the visible sign about menopause:

Mood swings- these are sudden mood swings that are uncontrollable and having it without any reason at all. This will change and will become frequent along with physiological changes.

Hot Flashes

– this is a feeling of being feverish and sweaty with a red face, neck but feels cold. To control and make it more un-noticeable you should not eat certain spices, herbs and alcohol, and stop smoking if you are.

Sleeping Difficulty

– women aged 45-55 find out having a sleep difficulty based on scientific research, this is a fact that women’s menopausal stage occurs in different stages. This is also collated with depression and hot flashes.


– is associated with menopause which is normal for women to experience, but some women are more vulnerable to physical and psychological health. It is best to have a check up to make it more easier to handle.

Memory problems

– a research conducted with 68 women aged 44-62 who experience at least 35 hot flashes a week, those who had frequent hot flashes had more memory problems. Women who also reported more negative emotions did also worse on test than women who had lesser.


– is much higher during this stage it is advised to have physical exercise and meditation to battle such depression.

Low Libido

– experiencing this is based on race and ethnicity , woman who is an African American experiencing this is smaller compared to a Japanese woman who experience a greater decline in libido.

Other Good Tips for Menopausal Stage:

Have a good Diet

Have enough dairy products to get calcium.

Consume a lot of water.

Limit your alcohol consumption.

Have a small amount of sugar and salt.

It is best to a have a doctor beside you during this stage to make you feel much better physically and psychologically.
Source: BrightSide
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