Effective Methods To Get Rid of Double Chin

Can’t take best selfie because of your double chin? In order to hide it, you need to use a beauty App using your mobile. Do you feel embarrassed because of your double chin even you are thin?

A double chin is also known as sub mental fat. It is a common condition that results in the formation of a layer of fat below your chin. A double chin can become more evident with time and may even be unsightly to look at. And because it also affects your confidence, you will want to get rid of it as soon as you can.

Moreover, there are a number of different possible causes of a double chin. Understanding the risk factors may help you avoid this unsightly body blemish.

Genetics - If your family members have a double chin, this enhances the probability of you receiving one, as well.
Age - as we get older there will be a high possibility that our skin will lose its elasticity that may cause of developing double chin.
Rigorous Changes of Weight - gaining weight and also sudden weight loss can be possible causing of double chin with the formation of skin’s folds.
Poor Posture - can weaken the muscles of the neck and chin. This may contribute to a double chin over time, as the surrounding skin loses its elasticity when the muscles are not used.
Sleep Disorder - when are using high and soft pillows while sleeping then it will develop the double chin.

Also includes:
Unhealthily Diet
Bad Daily habit

However, there will be always a way on how to reduce in every excess fat in our body. Here are some methods or ways that will definitely help you to get rid your double chin;

Method 1:

Exercise Below are the exercises that you can perform to strengthen your neck muscles and help it lift the hyoid bone.
Jaw Workout: Keep your mouth wide open for 10 seconds. Repeat this for 5 times, twice a day.
Head Lift Workout: Lie on your back and slowly raise your head until you can see your toes. Stay in this position for 10 seconds, then rest for another 10 seconds. Repeat this process 3 times, thrice a day.
Chewing the Gum: Working your jaw by chewing sugar-free gum throughout the day helps to tone and keep the jaw and face muscles moving.

This will help stop surplus fat from accumulating on the chin and jawline.

Method 2:

Self-massage - While you are resting or you have free time, this is the effective ways how to reduce double chin. Self-massage it improves the circulation of the blood, helps and tone the muscles of the face.

First, make sure to wash your hands and apply massage gel, oil or honey(optional) on lower part of your face. Then, start massage in a soft way from the lower part of your jaw up to the lobe part of your chin. In every time, increase some pressure and speed while repeating it. Lastly, just finish it with soft massage again.

Method 3: 

Home Made Face masks - Many face masks are available that can help tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of a double chin. Glycerin masks and coffee or green tea masks may help support the efforts of exercises. A daily mask of egg whites, honey, and lemon juice also provides a reduction in fat around the chin for some people.

Method 4:

Diet - A natural diet may help reduce the appearance of a double chin, especially if it is caused by weight gain. Reducing the number of calories consumed each day helps some people. Drinking plenty of water removes more fat from the body. A study posted to the journal Obesity found that people who drank water before meals lost more weight than those who did not. Water and water-rich foods, such as melons and cucumbers may also help remove more toxins from the body. Method 5: Surgery

Myostimulation is one of the most effective methods for fighting a double chin. It helps get the result without exercise, diet, or massage. The effect is provided by electric impulses which eliminates excess liquid in problem areas.

Radio wave lifting allows a person to get rid of a double chin in a short time thanks to radio waves of a special sound and frequency. The procedure helps improve blood circulation, quicken cell regeneration, and decrease the volume of fatty tissue.

Laser lipolysis is another effective method that helps get rid of a double chin. The effect is achieved thanks to the action of low-intensity laser radiation. Fat cells get split and removed from the body without surgery.

Mini-liposuction is a serious method for fighting a double chin because fatty tissues and sagging skin are removed surgically. Here are some more tips to hide your double chin:

Blend your bronzer well; you are creating an illusion, so you do not want to see any visible lines. Use a thicker brush on your bronzer when you are done with your jaw line to make it more subtle.

Always use a light touch with your bronzer and foundation, your goal is to keep it natural looking.

Wearing your hair in an up do can give the illusion of a longer neck.

Never wear high collars or turtlenecks. Hope these methods and tips would help you to reduce and get rid of double chin. Share to everyone!
Source: Bright Side
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