Daily Habits That Ruin Your Spine and Posture

Spine is not only about posture it also defines your physical health and overall function as it is more alike to brain.

It is the connection of many nerves to the brain that is why here are some list that you should take seriously when it comes to spine.

Habits that Destroys Spine:

Smoking- little did we know that smoking can also cause damage to our spine, it brings backaches due to nicotine because it disrupts the normal flow of the blood in the spine.

Damage in the Circadian Rhythms

– it is disrupted due to aging, chronic insomnia and night shifts, this disruption causes the aging of spinal cord. To be able in slowing down the aging of spinal cord it is best to have a goodnight sleep and have a healthy lifestyle.

Standing while working

– a long period of time standing is very bad to your spinal cord, also if the standing is accompanied by heavy work for many hours. It is best to consider your body first, make sure your head and shoulders should be in the right position to avoid too much stress in the body.

Wearing the wrong shoes

– ladies have you heard the quote “ Good Shoes Takes You to Good Places” well this may tell you a lot. Now having the wrong shoes will bring pain, it is best to wear comfortable pair, choose high quality shoes .

Not enough Rest

- this is one of the major cause of sickness, not having enough rest may give discomfort on your back, muscle, headache and so much more. It is best to rest if you are feeling even a small discomfort on your back.

Mental work

– too much mental work is also a cause of spinal cord damage, this will trigger stress and also give the whole body health disturbance that can cause backache. It is suggested to have a rest to avoid further damage to health, mentally and physically.

Mobile phones

– avoiding too much exposure to mobile phones will give pressure to your spinal cord, this may cause loss of natural curve in the cervical spine.


– this is the best way to make your physical appearance better and also give you a healthier body and posture.
Source: BrightSide
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