10 Ideas On How Your Hair Will Grow Faster

For many of us, there is meaning in wearing our hair long. That meaning can be found in tradition, spirituality, identity, personality, and/or individuality. We all have a relationship with our hair; it doesn’t matter whether you are Native or not. Our hair is a part of who we are – even if we don’t stop to think about it.

Maintaining longer hair stimulates the scalp, creating better blood flow, and current health and fashion trends favor a return to the astonishing beauty and styling versatility that only shining, healthy hair can achieve. Long hair gives women extraordinary options for styling and creates volume and hair health.

However, some of women are taking hard time to make their hair long. But don’t worry, there are many ways to give certain ideas how to make your hair long faster. After doing what listed below, you will be amaze of the results.

1. Scissors are not your enemy
So, does cutting your hair make it grow? The myth that cutting hair can make it grow faster persists because, in fact, regular trims can improve the look and feel of hair. By trimming unhealthy split ends, hair will have less breakage and flyaways, making it look thicker and even shinier. The benefits of regular hair trimming are to remove split ends and hair damage. This will make hair appear to grow faster because the hair will break less and, thus, grow longer in a shorter amount of time.

2. Conditioner can help too.
Your conditioner moisturises your hair follicles which does in fact help hair grow faster.

Here’s why: dry, brittle hair cannot grow very well at all.

Conditioner helps replace the all-important growth proteins in your hair shafts. It also helps seal the cuticle to prevent damage and give it free reign to grow as much as it possibly can without breakage, helping you reach your hair growth goals.

So does conditioner help your hair grow faster? Yep. It sure does.

3. Powerhouse of Home Remedies
Most of the ingredients for these quick fixes are available in your own kitchen! These includes: onion and garlic juice, gooseberries, shikakai, apple cider vinegar, and coconut. Try these natural home-remedies for healthier, happier hair. Natural hair growth can also be boosted by a healthy diet.
Bonus trick:

If you thought beer was only supposed to be chilled and consumed, try boiling it. After boiling it, add your regular shampoo to it, and wash your hair with it. You will realize how advantageous beer is either way. You can easily wash your hair this way twice or three times a week.

Beer shampoo not only helps remove all kinds of impurities from hair, but also acts as an excellent conditioner.

4. Apply Castor Oil Hair Masks
If hair thinning and hair fall is your main concern then this castor oil mask is definitely for you. Both the oils used in recipe are really beneficial for hair growth and with regular use you’ll get rid of many hair related problems like hair fall, gray hair and hair thinning.

Castor oil- Castor oil is a well-known hair growth booster. It nourishes hair follicles, makes hair softer and reduce breakage. It also adds a reflective healthy shine.

Olive oil- Olive oil nourishes hair follicles, boosts hair growth and reduce breakage. It also makes hair super soft.

Honey- Honey is a natural humectant that adds moisture and hydration to every hair strand and makes them less-frizzy and healthy.

Things you need-
1/3 cup castor oil
1/3 cup olive oil
1/4 cup honey

Add castor oil, olive oil and raw honey in a bowl. Mix it well and apply this mix into your hair and scalp. Wrap your hair up in a towel and let it set for thirty minutes or overnight. Shampoo and condition as usual. This is an excellent hair tonic that improves the condition of your hair and scalp.

5. Use silk pillow case instead of cotton texture.
Are you tired of waking up in the morning and having hair that looks like you just stuck your finger in a socket? Sleeping on luxury silk pillowcases will help keep that bed head under control. The natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface, can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like spilt ends. For your hair, it truly does pay to sleep on a silk pillowcase.

6. The healthiest way how to dry your hair.
Sounds like a case for air-drying, but get this: The study found that while the heat of a dryer can cause more damage than not using one, using a hair-dryer at the right distance and temperature can actually cause less damage than letting hair air-dry. That's because when hair comes in contact with water, it swells. The longer the swelling goes on (say, for the 2 hours it took for hair to air-dry in the study), the more pressure it puts on the delicate proteins keeping hair intact, which can lead to more damage.

Here’s the just-right formula for drying your hair the healthiest way possible:
First, let your hair dry naturally, about 70-80% of the way dry. Then, with your dryer on the coolest setting (don’t touch that hot setting!), blow your hair dry, keeping the dryer about 6-inches away from hair at all times and moving it around continuously. VoilĂ : gorgeous, healthy hair, without the heat.
7. What is Letting Your Hair “Breathe” And Why is it Important?
One primary reason to let your hair breathe is to relieve tension from the circumference around your head including your edges, nape, and temple. These areas are pulled on the most when you are adding extensions. Over pulling can cause breakage and thinning edges.

Like skin, hair needs to be cover when going outside especially during the day, because it effects through the sun rays. You can also apply hair sunscreen.

8. A healthy Diet matters
Long, strong and shiny hair is almost everyone’s dream yet not everyone is able to fulfill it. Of course, it’s important to keep your scalp healthy, but it’s also critical to pay attention to your diet. You can have dry, frizzy, smooth or silky hair - all these are signs of your inside health. Each strand is made up of cells that contain a tough protein called keratin and they need to be constantly nourished with minerals and vitamins to make your hair long and strong. We have enlisted some foods for hair growth, which you must definitely add in your daily diet. So, what is the best food for healthy hair that will help it to grow faster? This includes:
Eggs provide protein
Spinach and other dark leafy greens provide Iron
Citrus Fruits to Get Your Dose of Vitamin C
Nuts and Seeds for Omega-3 Fatty Acids
Whole Grains to Obtain Biotin
Carrots are Rich in Vitamin A
Avocado Offers Vitamin E.

9. Not washing hair often enough
Now that dry shampoo is a staple in most of our beauty arsenals, it’s easier than ever to skip a few days between washing. Convenient? Yes. But not so great for your hair: “A buildup of product or excessive dandruff on the scalp has been shown to clog hair follicles, and if it’s bad enough, it can be difficult for hair to grow,” says expert.

There's nothing wrong with skipping shampoo for a day. But if it becomes a habit, product residue, dirt, and oil can clog pores in the scalp. Be sure to wash your hair every two days, especially if you’re sweating or using lots of products.

10. Mishandling wet hair
Our strands are never more fragile—and prone to breakage—than when they’re saturated with H2O, since the protective cuticle is slightly raised. Brushing or combing locks in the shower, then following with aggressive towel-drying, create the perfect storm for snapping it off.
Minimize post-shower brushing by combing before hair gets wet. Then, blot (don’t rub!) hair with a soft towel after your shower.
Source: Bright Side
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