Why Chicken Feet is Extremely Good For You!

Most of the people in Asian countries, specially Philippines loves to eat chicken feet.

Chicken feet is a chicken part that is often thrown away because some people think that it is disgusting.

However, other people find it delicious and use it for making an amazing dish. It has a unique flavor and soft texture that make it addicting. It can be combined with other ingredients or cooked in various ways to make it delicious.

Almost everywhere you can find street foods wherein chicken feet are one of the most favorite. Not only that, did you know chicken feet can give much more benefits aside from its delicious taste? As we all know chicken feet its mainly component is collagen.

Collagen is a group of naturally occurring proteins. In nature, it is found exclusively in animals, especially in the flesh and connective tissues of mammals.

It is the main component of connective tissue, and is the most abundant protein in mammals. 1) Collagen and Its Benefits

Collagen can simply be described as a protein that acts as a glue that 'holds our body together'. The benefits are not only for the skin but also for the heart and can even improve athletic performance. Other benefits of taking collagen are:

1. Healthier and younger-looking skin.

It is rich in calcium and protein, without the carbohydrates. • It improves blood supply by strengthening the blood vessels. • Assist the body in metabolizing fats, therefore good for weight loss. • Slows the effect of arthritis. • Reduce pain and swelling (inflammation). Aside from collagen, eating chicken feet has much more to serve on its healthier benefits. This all includes below:

2. Improve Immune System

Eating chicken feet is very nutritious to boost the immune system. This is because of the mineral content which is very beneficial to build health. It also contains collagen and some minerals such as copper, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and also calcium. Some of these minerals are useful in overcoming attacks from diseases. So by consuming it regularly can boost the immune system in the body

3. Healing Injuries

The chicken feet health benefits to heal wounds. On chicken feet food contained nutrients such as protein and calcium. Both of these nutrients are extremely important to help regenerate nerves, muscles and bones of human. Even the condition of spinal cord injury is believed to be quickly cure by taking foods containing chicken claw. 4) Increase Joint’s Strength and Prevent Fragile Bone

When people get old, the amount of calcium is decreased and the cell will be difficult to regenerate. It will be a different story if we consume chicken feet regularly because it has many nutrients such as calcium, protein, cartilage, and collagen that help strengthen joint and prevent fragile bone that happens in old age. 5) Keep Your Nails Healthy

What’s more health benefits of chicken feet? Our body needs collagen to maintain the strength of the nail structure. Collagen can be found in chicken feet, so those who frequently consume chicken feet every day will tend to have healthy and strong nails. 6) Maintain Healthy Gums

Chicken feet also has significant benefits to the health of the gums. Gum is a powerful tissue that is used to support the teeth. Several types of gum disease often caused by poor dental health problems.

However, it could also have caused issues in the body. Deficiency of vitamins and other nutrients will also create problems in the gums.

Chicken claw is food that contains many nutrients in very much. There connective tissue and cartilage that could turn into a gel because it contains collagen, amino acids, and some gelatin forming agent. That is why all of these substances would improve the health condition of the gums.

These are some chicken feet health benefits that need to know so that we can leverage in getting nutrients from food chicken.

There are many more benefits of chicken legs , such as forming natural probiotics that are beneficial for healthy bowel, build immunity.

Furthermore, it is also useful to prevent tissue damage and stabilize the body’s hormones. The balance of these hormones can overcome stress in life.
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