These Are The 8 Routines Many of Us Do Every Morning That Are Really Dangerous to Us

Old routines die hard, that is why we do several things without even thinking about how dangerous they are – mostly in the morning when we do not have time to spare.

Do you sip a cup of coffee each morning or have cereal with milk for breakfast? These may not be the perfect ways to begin your morning.

Below are the 8 things a lot of us do every morning that are really dangerous to us:

1. Not beginning the day with a shower

- Based to a specialist from Harvard, a morning shower makes it easier for us to look for solutions due to it supports the brain become lively and less likely to become distracted through outside factors. A shower lets the brain to generate new and uncommon ideas.

2. Hot baths

- Though hot water has a calming effect, taking a hot bath every morning will make you like to crawl back into bed. Taking cold morning baths has a several advantages. It supports you feel refreshed, it activates the brain activity and makes your immune system perform harder. Cold water, unlike hot water, does not make the skin dry, and based to scientists, people who take a cold bath habitually can lose approximately 9 pounds every year.

3. Using your phone for a long time

- Social media is the primary reason why a lot of people log onto their phone firsts thing after waking up. The way we spend the day inclines on how we spend our morning. This can make your work day longer, so it’s better to turn off your favorite music, talk with the people you loved, or cooking a yummy and healthy breakfast.

4. Wasting time choosing clothes to wear

- Have you ever spent hours every morning asking yourself, “What should I wear today?”. There’s sufficient chaos in the morning that you do not have time for, so do not make the problem worse by finding for clothes to wear. To make your choice simplier, lessen the variety of clothes you have in your wardrobe.

Make a special place in your closet where you place only the clothes you wear in work in. check your closet habitually and remove the things that you do not wear anymore. Remain any clothes that are off-season in a various place too.

5. Consuming cereal

- A normal portion of cereal (50g) has approximately 4 tablespoon of sugar. Many sugar in the morning triggers an infusion of insulin into the blood, and when the effect wears off, you become tired and lethargic. Milk, yogurt and raw fruits when added to cereals are also unhealthy to consume in the morning, so it is perfect to avoid them.

A popular dietitian, Chelsey Amer, currently stated that it is healthier to consume a slice of pizza every morning than a bowl of cereal. Pizza has proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, making it a balanced breakfast. Aside from pizza, you can also consume scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, or a meat that does not has excess fat.

6. Brushing your teeth after eating

- After consuming food, the enamel on the teeth becomes prone, mostly if you consume fruit, citrus, or drank soda thanks to the fact that they have citric acid and phosphoric acid. What you should do rather, is rinse your mouth using water and get rid of the leftovers of the food using dental floss. Attempt to brush your teeth only 30 minutes after consuming any food.

7. Drinking black coffee

- Drinking black coffee every morning makes your cortisol levels high which triggers to anxiety. And if you sip coffee when you are hungry, you can obtain gastritis. The perfect time for drinking your first cup of coffee is 3 or 4 hours after waking up. Nevertheless, if you cannot endure drinking coffee in the morning, add some portion of milk or cream to it. This way you’ll lessen the harsh effects of the drink on the gut.

8. Make the bed right away

- When you make your bed right after you wake up, you make a fine environment for dust mites, due to the moisture that your body left on the bed sheets during the night does not have a possibility to evaporate. Scientists suggest entirely moving the blanket from the mattress after you wake up to allow the sheets to dry.

Source: Bright Side
These Are The 8 Routines Many of Us Do Every Morning That Are Really Dangerous to Us These Are The 8 Routines Many of Us Do Every Morning That Are Really Dangerous to Us Reviewed by LVS Staff on September 20, 2018 Rating: 5
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