Is Your Second Toe Longer Than Your Other Toes? Here's the meaning!

According to Dr. Yolanda Ragland, works at CEO of Fix Your Fit Inc.

Having a long second toe is associated with being ill tempered, keeping one’s emotions in check and with women, having a second toe longer than the big toe (hallux) has been said she will dominate her marriage.

Additionally, different parabola of the foot have been associated with various origins. A second toe longer than the big toe is known to be linked to Grecian descent.

Whether any of this is true is completely unknown. What is fact, is that having a second toe longer than hallux is perfectly normal. That is because the metatarsal or the long bone connected to the second toe is normally the longest metatarsal of the foot.

Possessing an excessively long 2nd toe is called Morton’s toe. This can lead to excessive pressure under the foot causing painful calluses.

Additionally, Morton’s toe is related to hammertoe and or claw toe and can lead to agonizing unsightly corns on the top to the toe. Relief of corns due to hammer digits varies from debridement, padding and over the counter non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

The only permanent solution is surgical intervention. This involves removal of a small section of bone in the toe joint. As gruesome as it may sound it is a relatively simple procedure and has a two fold beneficial effect.

First, by removing a small fragment of bone, the toe is shortened. Secondly, the bony resection stiffens the toe allowing it to remain straight and preventing recurrence of corns or lesions on the toe.

Are a believer of fortune-teller? And usually asking your destiny or luck in the future, while reading the lines in your palm or even using cards? In this article, which give you some sort of information or saying to your personality regarding the length of each toe. Let’s find out and that will surely amaze you!

Big toe.

If your big toe is longer than the others, it means you're bright and creative. You creatively solve your problems and can easily think outside of the box. You find it difficult to stay focused, however, and tend to abandon projects partway through.

If it's smaller than the other toes, it indicates pretty much the opposite. You're an effective multitasker but you tend to do things by the books.

Second toe.

If your second toe is longer, your'e a born leader. You're great at managing people and coordinating efforts. You're energetic and resourceful and stand up for what you believe in.

If your second toe is shorter than the others, it means you may have trouble standing up for yourself, though you are more level-headed.

Third toe.

If your third toe is longer, you tend to have a more dynamic personality and are successful in your field of work. This toe is linked with your energy and willpower, as well as your drive.

You tend to be a perfectionist. If the third toe is shorter, you live a simpler life and enjoy the small things. Chilling out is your go-to.

Fourth toe.

If your fourth toe is long and straight, you care deeply about your family life. Personal matters come before anything else and you're a wonderful listener.

Your family is where you draw your strength. If the fourth toe is shorter and curved, you may need to unwind a little bit, as you're prone to being a worrier. Focus on your family and love life. Little toe.

If your little toe is very little, it may indicate that you don't handle responsibilities all that well and you get easily bored and lose focus.

You're a joker and tend to be well liked, but responsibilities aren't your strong suit. If your little toe wiggles independently of the others, it indicates an adventurous, charming, impulsive spirit.
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