Avoid These 10 Habits That Put Your Heart In Danger

The human heart is the strongest, as well as the weakest, organ of the body. It is the strongest because it performs the most vital function of providing oxygenated blood to all the organs for their smooth functioning.

On the other hand, it is the weakest organ because it can take pressure only in moderation, and excessive pressure may bring along a lot of health problems and diseases.

Hence, it is important to care for the heart and avoid certain things that pressurize your heart, thereby making it weaker and susceptible to diseases or even failure.

Check out these negative habits you keep on doing without thinking that it could be bad for your heart.

1. Neglecting a thorough brush and floss routine

The act of brushing and flossing regularly ensures a lot more than an attractive set of pearly whites. Medical research has suggested a link between gum disease and heart issues. So visit regularly your dentist and also read my previous article how to treat gum infection naturally.

2. Poor sleep schedule

Sleeping too much or too little can be disastrous for your health. Inadequate or excessive amounts of sleep can mess with the release of hormones in your body. With hormone imbalance comes more serious threats such as heart disease, heart attack, obesity, and stroke.

3. Avoiding doctors

Many people got several reasons to keep away from the doctor’s office. Sometimes it’s the small unusual symptoms that blossom into life threatening conditions if they go ignored.

4. Excessive anger

Stress and anger are unexpectedly harmful for you. Those who build up their emotions and experience sudden outbursts of anger are much more prone to heart disease.

5. Not acknowledging daily pollution

Pollution from cars, industry, and burning wood indoors can all present danger to your heart. The inflammation caused by breathing in these substances without care leads to serious cardiovascular problems.

6. Pessimism

Recent studies have linked a positive mindset to a healthier heart and lower risk of disease.

7. Steroid use

The modification of hormones and natural bodily processes by using steriods throws your body into a state of confusion. While they may strengthen your muscles, they also weaken your heart.

8. Overlooking the danger of second hand smoke

Secondhand smoke has hundreds of chemicals to which have toxic properties that can and will hurt your health.

9. High risk pregnancy

Pregnancy by itself is a stressful and risky venture for many women. Those who have had a coma or seizure during the pregnancy are twice as likely to develop some form of heart disease.

10. Having certain autoimmune conditions

There are several types of auto immune conditions that might contribute to heart disease, despite their seeming irrelevance to the heart.

So, instead of burning a hole in your pocket on medication, try to do away with certain habits that are the actual cause of the problem.
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