9 Simple Tricks to Remain Your Hair Clean and Voluminous Longer

The more frequent you rinse your hair, the quicker it becomes greasy. You can do Kim Kardashian’s Tips and rinse your hair once every five days,

“We begin with a bouffant on the 1st day. On the 2nd day, my stylist makes a type of a careless hairstyle. On the 3rd day, he straightens my hair. On the 4th day, my hair is pulled back using a pony tail, and lastly, I rinse it.” But stylists have other secrets and schemes.

Here are the 9 tips that can support you to make your hair keep fresh and voluminous longer.
 There is a bonus at the lasts that tells how to find out the degree of hair destruction:

1. Putting shampoo like a professional

- Water temperature should be pleasant for you. Stand in the shower for a minute and you have to assure that your hair is already wet.

- Squeeze out few portion of shampoo (the size of a big coin) onto your hands and rub them together. Put the shampoo onto your head in a round motion, moving from the up of your head up to down.

- Washing takes extra time than applying. Stylists suggests rinsing out the shampoo for 5 minutes. Left and dried out shampoo particles can trigger dull hair color and even the arising of dandruff.

- It is also suggested to wash your hair using cold water in the end. This will cause to the fortifying of hair cuticles and your hair will be capable to remain in more moisture and look shinier.

2. Hairstyles Arrangement

- Daily hairstyle planning with increasing problem lets us rinse our hair less often and appear astonishing every day.

3. Sage herb tincture

- Tinctures containing of herbs combat well against greasy hair. Sage manages sebaceous glands’ work, relieves the skin, and cure swelling. You’ll require 4 tablespoon of dry sage for 1L of water. Sage can be brewed just like an usual tea. When the tincture has cooled, wash your clean hair by it (then you have to wash the hair using a cool plain water.)

4. Rinsing schedule

- If you rinse your hair daily, you’d better alter this routine gradually: as time passes, the intensity of sebaceous glands works decreases: there’ll be no require to recondition the skin balance after daily washing.

5. Apply dry shampoo before a workout

- It is rather incapable to apply dry shampoo after a workout: the hair gets so greasy that we can do nothing with it. You’d better put dry shampoo before workout so that it can assimilate all of the sweat during an exercise.

6. Pillowcase scheme

- It is extremely pleasant for us and helpful for hair to sleep on neat pillows. As time passes, pillowcases assimilate epidermal cells and old makeup and it makes an enabling environment for bacteria. To help our skin and hair health, we need to change pillowcases for at least once in a week. And if your hair is greasy, you’d better do it two times in a week.

7. Hair lemonade

- A “lemonade” for hair supports combat against too much greasiness, remain your hair fresh and voluminous, and make a natural shine. It is extremely simple to make it – blend juice squeezed out of 1 lemon with 1L of water and wash your hair with this solution. It is suggested to pour it gradually and massage your hair roots using one hand.

8. High hairstyles

- High hairstyles remain one’s hair fresh longer. If you are at home, make a high ponytail or a bun and allow your hair down before you go out. This tip will also add few volumes to your hair.

9. Deep care for your head skin

- All “heavy” skin care products (masks, balms, conditioners) are especially to be utilized for hair ends. But there’s an exclusion: head skin masks. It is suggested to put it in pair with deep peeling. Hydrated skin will not produce any too much sebum. It is fine not to put the mask on top of your head but to put it where your hair areas and massage your skin.

Source: Bright Side
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