You Will Not Believe What Will Happen If You Wrap Cabbage On Your Legs

Not all natural remedies that you read on the internet usually works with joint pains and this does not stop people suffering from gout and arthritis and also other types of joint pain from trying new things.

But it's no surprise that many of the foods you know and eat everyday often have surprising healing properties like the cabbage that were just lying in your kitchen.

Cabbage is a high nutrition and low calorie vegetable, which is a rich source of vitamin K, potassium and vitamin C.

It has been traditionally used in treating bruised and swollen skin for centuries.

It has anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties, that makes it more beneficial in the case of joint pain and cancer prevention.

Additionally, cabbage leaves provides relief and treatment for arthritic patients.

Cabbage Compress Method

You will need:

* Organic cabbage (preferably red)

* Aluminium foil

* Rolling pin/wine bottle/meat hammer

* Gauze or Bandage


1. Peel and wash cabbage leaf one by one. Let it dry and cut the hard stem.

2. Place it on a counter, and use a rolling pin to bruise release its juice of the leaf.

3. Wrap the cabbage in foil and place in the oven for a few minutes to warm.

4. Then place the cabbage in the affected area or to the places of you body where you feel pain, cover with gauze and elevate the area where you put the cabbage.

5. Leave the cabbage for an hour to fully compress into your skin. Do this regularly three time a day and use new leaf each time you do this treatment.

You will feel improvement the next day.

Another method is when you want a cold compress. Just refrigerate the cabbage and begin with the procedure.

Red cabbage is rich WITH anthocyanins- chemicals that helps alleviate inflammation and joint pain.

Both, green and red cabbage types are extremely beneficial in the case of ulcers.

But take note about the cabbage allergies, even though they are rare, it can cause swelling or itching.

So if you experience any of these symptoms, remove the cabbage compress, and visit you doctor immediately if you feel kind of irritated.
Source: Away to Healthy Life
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