The Health Dangers Your Tongue Might Be Telling You

There's one body part you probably don't consider when you're trying to get a hold on your overall well being: your tongue.

You might think that a symptom on your tongue, such as an unusual color or texture is no big deal, but what happens in your mouth can often be a helpful glimpse into your overall health.

According to ancient Chinese medicine, the appearance of the tongue can reflect the health of the entire body.

Additionally, the look and texture of the tongue can be a good indicator of the health of the digestive system, based on the coating and color of the tongue.

Stick out your tongue in the mirror and look what color it is. By the color you can find out if you are having any of the following diseases.

1. Light red tongue – lack of vitamin B12

2. White tongue – yeast infection

3. Yellow tongue – infection

4. Dark tongue – bad blood circulation

5. Pale tongue – lack of iron in the blood. It’s pale because the blood flow to the tongue isdecreased.

6. Very red tongue with yellow layer – dehydration.

7. Pink tongue with white middle part – water retention.

8. Purple tongue – blood stasis.

9. Red tongue with yellow fatty deposits – urinary tract infections and skin issues.

Every person's tongue is unique with distinct characteristics that are a reflection of their inner health.nIf you see a thick tongue coat, it is time to make some changes.

You can use these helpful tips to improve your digestion and the appearance of your tongue:

- Eat fermented foods and drink probiotic beveragesto bring your inner ecosystem back into balance.
- Use the Principle of 80/20 at every meal.
- Warm up your digestion with cooked foods.
- Add herbs and spices to improve digestion.
- Drink warm ginger tea 20 minutes before a meal to benefit digestion and relieve nausea.
- Take digestive enzymes to increase mineral absorption.
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