Surprising Way A Garlic Can Erase Wrinkles Forever

When the collagen in our body started to mature, skin looses its elasticity, thus creating wrinkles and will make the skins pleated.

Most women will then spends much money on various cosmetic products which are usually not effective. What you didn't know is that in the kitchen, you already have the perfect anti-wrinkle serum you could do.

When it comes to skin care, masks are considered some of the most luxurious and effective treatments on the market.

Recipe: Garlic-Honey Wrinkle Mask

You need:
- 1 clove of garlic
- 1 teaspoon of honey1
- tablespoon clay powder which can be purchased in any store or pharmacy

1. Remove the peel from the clove of garlic and crush it well
2. Add the honey and the clay powder.
3. Mix all ingredients and the mask is ready for application on the face.

1. Apply the mask on clean face, leave it on for around half an hour.
2. Rinse after with lukewarm water.
3. You can also leave the mixture overnight

Benefits of Garlic:

- Garlic contains allicin, which has antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral properties.
- Garlic acts as a cleanser and helps treat acne and fungal skin conditions.

Remember to not to use garlic substitute for medical treatment. Consult your healthcare provider to discuss potential risks.
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