Signs That You Have High Blood Sugar, Prevent It From Becoming Diabetes

Eating too much sweets and chocolate is one of the most false beliefs which associated to having high sugar. But not only which these we get high blood sugar, other factor such as white flour, flour items. But having high blood sugar is connected to consuming more than enough sugar.

Signs and Symptoms of high blood Sugar:

1. Excess in urination 

The normal urine daily is 1.5 quarts. It means that your kidney is suffering and that it makes more urine. Because when the cells pump water in our blood stream, the only organ receiving this is our kidney which very bad.

2. Excess thirst /dry skin and itchiness 

Urination is associated with hunger and thirst. A false believe that when the body removes fluid, you replenish it because this results to dehydration. It makes the brain up to more urinating. Diabetics and many people think urination is just due to thirst.

3. Excess hunger 

3d common cause of high sugar. Hunger is because you have low insulin. 2 types of low insulin. First, when have not enough insulin. Second, when relatively not have enough. Both are the same, insulin is shortage means not enough glucose to move from blood to cells.

4. Weight loss 

Weight loss means you have high sugar even if you eat too much. Why? First reason, loosing weight means of excess water and urination. The same as diuretic,some take it as diet pills. Second, low insulin level means you burn fat faster than usual so loos weight. Urine contain glucose mean you pee calories.

5. Slow healing of cuts and wounds 

When you have high sugar, the skin heals slower because neutrophils the tool to fight diseases is vulnerable when you have high sugar. And another reason is, the lack of oxygen, oxygen can not flow well because the nerves and blood vessels are damaged.

6. Headache 

Without oxygen, blood and nutrients, the brain doesn’t work well. Because the cells starve since they can’t get glucose of the blood. The brain consumes ¼ of glucose that we eat. Hard time accessing fuel means brain works less, means you can’t accomplish anything.

7. Fatigue  

Dehydration leads to lack of energy means the body dies little by little. Then you urinate more, lack of sleep the body gets tired to being extremely fatigue.

8. Blur vision 

Excessive urination can lead to blur vision. The body dilutes blood by getting rid of fluid on the eyes, eyes cells mostly. When lens get drier, the eyes lose focus and sharpness causing damaged eyes worse lead to blindness.

9. Irritability 

Mood changes still no proven study yet, but it is associated to diabetes.
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