How to SAFELY Use Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Many people are trying different dietary methods to lose their weight. But, burning your fat has never been easier.

There are drastic fad diets and exercise regimens that result in rapid weight loss, but these types of changes in lifestyle can’t be maintained.

Once you leave the regimen it is likely to revert to old habits and regain weight.

It’s better to choose a diet and physical activity that can be made a part of your daily routine.

Add this ingredients to any drink to start losing weight

Coconut oil is known as one of the world’s most weight loss friendly fat.

Different studies claimed that just by adding coconut oil in your diet, you can lose fat especially dangerous fat in the abdominal area.

It is rich in Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), which are fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats, leading to beneficial effects on metabolism. The ketone bodies which the liver produces when you eat coconut oil can have a powerful appetite reducing effect.

In a study of 14 healthy men, those who ate the MCT at breakfast ate much fewer calories at lunch.

If you add coconut in your diet, it will reduce your appetite and you will probably eat less. You can add coconut in hot coffee or tea.

When used for cold drinks, coconut oil combines well thick beverages especially dairy products such as yogurt.

Depending on the recipe, they can also be blended with other ingredients such as avocado to form a sweet mixture.

It is important to know that 30 grams of coconut oil per day is enough, equivalent to 2 tablespoons.
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