How To Look Prettier In Less Than An Hour

It's always great to look nice. But, it's important as we to keep in mind that hormones can make you feel ugly, even if you aren't.

Getting pretty doesn't have to take all day. Set aside your beauty efforts, and give youself some more time in the mornings with these 11 easy tips and fast shortcuts on how to become more prettier.

1. Brighten your eyes

When you do your makeup, there are some simple tricks to make your eyes look bigger and shinier. Before applying eye shadow, rub a little bit of Vaseline over your eyelid to help the makeup stick longer. Use white eye shadow right underneath your eyebrow to highlight your brow line, and also in the inside corners of your eyes to make your eye color pop.

2. Use eye cream

Your eyes are the biggest giveaway of your age; so if you want to look younger, this is definitely the place to start. Even if you can't afford an expensive brand of eye cream, use a dab of Crisco under your eyes. It will plump up your skin and reduce sagging.

3. Dye and wax your eyebrows

Your eyebrows frame your face; so a clear, sleek brow will do wonders. Sleek eyebrows can make your eyes look bigger and make your face look slimmer; so don't skip this suggestion.

4. Put coconut oil in your hair

Coconut oil has unique moisturizing properties. It adds smoothness and shininess to your hair -- and it smells amazing.

5. Wear some perfume

This study proves that smelling good will make you seem more attractive to the people who see you. If it's a scent you really like, you're more likely to feel better about yourself too -- and there's nothing sexier than confidence.

6. Whiten your teeth

Wearing a bleach tray or using whitening strips, even for 30 minutes, can make your smile more dazzling.

7. Get rid of acne naturally

If traditional medicine is too harsh on your skin, you can try these all-natural ways to get rid of acne. In the meantime, you can cover up your red spots with a yellow-based foundation to hide the inflammation.

8. Sleep

Take a quick cat nap. Not only will you feel better, but you'll look better too. Sleeping can even out eye wrinkles and diminish the dark circles under your eyes.

9. Work out

Exercising, especially using weights, can pump more blood into your muscles and make you look a little extra defined and toned before you go out. It will also invigorate your mind and help you feel more awake.

10. Drink water

Staying hydrated will give your skin a healthy glow. As your skin stays moisturized, wrinkles get filled in a little more. Drinking water can also help diminish the dark bags under your eyes. Your skin will look noticeably softer and smoother if you stay hydrated on a consistent basis.
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