9 Alarming Signs of Cervical Disease You Should Not Disregard

Cervical cancer used to be the number one reason of death for girls – that is. Until Dr. George Papanicolaou initiated the Pap test in the 1940’s.

This easy test, which gathers cells from the cervix and examine them under a microscope, has succeeded in lessening the death rate from cervical cancer through more than 50%.

The better news is that habitual screening and follow-up care can stop most deaths from cervical cancer. Even better, you can get screened at no price to you.

The health care reform act covers cervical cancer screenings, part of a “well-woman visits”.

Due to it commonly takes few years for normal cells in the cervix to become into cancer cells, it is necessary to get regular screenings, either with a Pap test or HPV test (or both).

Hardly seen in women younger than 20, cervical cancer most commonly happens in midlife. Yet, a lot of older women do not notice the endanger still exists as they age. In fact, over 15% of cervical cancer cases happen in girls over 65.

Below are the signs of cervical cancer:

Bleeding after sexual intercourse
Bleeding after menopause
Bleeding between periods
Bleeding after douching
Bleeding next to pelvic exam
Having heavier menstrual periods than normal or ones that last longer than normal
Uncommon vaginal discharge
Discomfort during se x
Pelvic discomfort

Of course, just because you have any of these signs and symptoms does not definitely mean you have cervical cancer. The symptoms could be triggered by other problems, such an infection. But it wise to schedule an appointment with your doctor to get examined and, if appropriate, get cured.

Source: Healthy Women
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