5 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps And Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies

Muscle cramps occur when a muscle spontaneously contracts on its own. Commonly, you feel a rigid lump at the point of discomfort – that is the contracted muscle

Cramps commonly happen for a reason. If you have not strained a muscle, you are likely cramping due to your muscle is fatigued or overused or your body is dehydrated.

Or maybe you are not getting sufficient electrolytes, like potassium or magnesium. These minerals support your muscle work extra smoothly, and fluids support your body method the minerals.

Meanwhile, here are the some of home treatments you can try yourself:

1. Stretching

- Calm the cramping muscle. Pause to any activity that may persuade the cramp and lightly stretch the muscle, mildly holding the stretch. You may also massage the muscle while you stretch or after you are done.

2. Magnesium
- If you habitually have leg cramps that are not connected to a more severe problem, you might try putting extra magnesium to your diet. Nuts and seeds are wonderful sources of magnesium.
- Magnesium has been recommended for curing pregnant women’s muscle cramps, but more studies are required. See your doctor before taking any magnesium supplements if you are pregnant.

3. Heat

- Try applying this old-school treatment to a wet cloth and pressing it onto the affected area, or add some to a hot bath for an immerse.
- In fact, a hot soak gives soothe for many, with or without Epsom salts.
- Begin the pad on the lowest setting and only rises heat if you are not getting any soothe at all.

4. Hydration
- Another possible way to impede leg cramps is to hydrate. It might take a small longer to lessen you discomfort, but once you’ve had water or a sports beverage with electrolytes, you could stop another cramp.

5. Get Moving
- If all else does not work, and you resume to have efficient muscle cramps, consider getting daily massages to help the muscles calm.
5 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps And Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies 5 Ways To Quickly Stop Leg Cramps And Foot Cramps With Natural Remedies Reviewed by LVS Staff on August 14, 2018 Rating: 5
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