12 Signs of Heart Attack Before it Happens to Women

Heart disease or cardiovascular diseases is the blockage of blood vessel that may cause heart attack, chest pain (agina) or stroke. In US the most leading cause of death is heart disease and women are most likely prone to it.

Women who has high blood pressure is total of 30% , women in their menopausal stage are most likely has it. women are also prone in developing coronary heart diseases and broken heart syndrome.

12 Sign of Heart attack on women:

Being lethargic or unusually tired
Having Trouble sleeping
Experiencing Shortness of breath
Feeling of indigestion or discomfort similar to acid reflux
Becoming more anxious
Racing pulse/heart rate
Sensing Heaviness or weakness in the arms
Acquiring Memory problems
Struggling with Vision problems
Losing Appetite
Tingling in the arms or hands
Breathing at night becomes troublesome.

Women complains about discomfort and pain in the jaw, neck, abdomen, back, or throat before or during a heart attack. The discomfort in the chest is very high, 1 out of 8 who had heart attack is the most common sign.

Common Risk factor on women:

Lifestyle and habits are the factors being associated on having to this condition, besides of medical conditions and heredity.

Sedentary Life style
Unable for physical activities due to busy life can also be the factor of having heart diseases.

Being overweight is the start of many illness particularly heart diseases and diabetes.

Is also the number one cause of heart diseases because of heart pumps increase due to high blood pressure.

Having a type 2 diabetes is connected to having a higher chance of having heart diseases.

Women smokers have a higher risk that to men smokers based on studies.

Prevention is Better than cure:

Monitoring of your health is the number key to prevent and cure any illness before it can even get worst and results in a much fatal disease.

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