You Might Destroy Your Bones and Body Organs Everyday By Consuming This Drink

In any part of the world everybody love to drinks soft drinks because of the taste of it, also the refreshing sensation that this drink will give you.

Actually 25% of all the drinks in the world is sold were softdrinks. Any person likes to drink this overly unhealthy drink from all ages.

In fact, Americans brought 15 billions of soda or 12-ounce per day for each whatever the age.

Casual dining restaurants and most especially fast food restaurant, vending machines and so many other places all around are bursting at the use of soda.

Almost everyone knows that soda isn't a healthful drink, but you might not realize how much it can damage your health.

There are studies and evidences in the internet about side effects of this popular frizz drink and what does it does to your bones.

Evidence backs up the detriments of this fizzy drink, and once you understand what it does to your bones, you might never look at soda the same way again.

And so, we list down some of the unhealthy effects of this crowd favorite drink, we hope that this article will help you lessen the consumption of soda drink and will open your eyes on how it can badly damage your health.

1. Damaging Your Bones (Osteoporosis)

Cola soda includes caffeine and phosphoric acid in its content.

The Framingham Osteoporosis Study tested the bone mineral density (BMD) of 1413 women and 1125 men in 2006 and discovered that the regular consumption of Cola caused a significant reduction of BMD in the hips of female subjects, which are much more susceptible to bone loss when compared than men.

Numerous study shows, the cause of this phenomenon is excess amounts of phosphorous, which prevents the absorption of calcium. Moreover, experts claim that phosphoric acid in cola leads to a leakage of calcium out of bones.

And this proves soda should be avoided immediately in the case of osteoporosis, or diseases which prevent the absorption of calcium, like Crohn’s disease, as well as by people older than 50.

2. Obesity

If you need something to blame your extra pound on, it is your favorite can of soda. On the list of obesity causes softdrinks is one of the top reasons of this condition. A single can of sugar-laden soda gives you an extra pound of weight gain every month.

If you want change to diest soda because you think it will lessen the harm it will cause you, then you are wrog. Diet soda is even more harmful, because it is packed with artificial sweeteners that may trigger an entire array of hormonal and physiologic issues which eventually make you fat.

3. Liver Damage
Sugary drinks contain large amounts of fructose, which can damage the liver in large amounts. It’s one of the leading cause of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease.

Did you know that drinking two cans of Coke everyday increases not only your risk of fatty liver, but also of liver cirrhosis, liver failure and heart disease.

4. Tooth Decay

Drinking soda causes tooth erosion, damaging tooth enamel and increasing your risk of cavities. This kind of damaging chemical reaction will lasts for about 20 minutes after each sip.

Unlike fruits and fruit juice, soda can reach beyond surface enamel and into your dentin and even corrode through composite filings. Your children's teeth will be even more damage because there teeth are not fully developed and hardened.

5. Kidney stones and chronic kidney disease

Your loving Cola is ‘enriched’ with phosphoric acid, known for its ability to affect your urinary tract. These changes will eventually cause kidney stones. You will actually increase the risk of forming kidney stones by 15 percent when you always drink 12 ounces of cans.

If you have a soda habit the same with other peoples problem that you just can’t seem to quit, try replacing the drink with healthier options like infused water, tea and fresh vegetable juice. You will feel more healthier and feel more energize after just a few days.
You Might Destroy Your Bones and Body Organs Everyday By Consuming This Drink You Might Destroy Your Bones and Body Organs Everyday By Consuming This Drink Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on July 11, 2018 Rating: 5
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