These Are the Different Body Shapes That Tells How Healthy You Are

Certain diseases show their appearance by several symptoms which a lot of us do not notice. Such symptoms may also be the waist size, the amplitude of the arms and legs, the proportions of all body areas, and etc.

So, here are your body shapes that shows how well you are:

1. Length of the Fingers

- Girls with a shorter index finger than ring finger are at a double chances of developing osteoarthritis in older age. In males, the size of these two fingers is not dissimilar.

Nevertheless, this can signify decreased estrogen levels, which reduce the risk of bone ailments. In order to stop the occurrence of the above-mentioned illness, you have to work out habitually and control your calcium consumption.

2. Bra Size

- A study published in the Canadian Journal of Medicinal Association wrote that girls with D bra size in the age of 20 are more probable to experience from diabetes type 2 than those with smaller size of bra.

This statement was clarified through saying that the fat tissue in breasts is delicate to hormones, which impacts insulin resistance. Diabetes can be cured with healthy diets, habitual exercise and balanced weight.

3. Leg Length

- People who have shorter legs should take extra care about the problem of their liver, as advised through the British doctors. They found out that the women whose legs are 50-73cm long at average, have larger values of the liver enzymes that trigger to illness of this organ.

This problem can be prevented with balanced consumption of alcohol and other toxins.

In men, the size of these two fingers isn’t different.

However, in women, this can indicate decreased estrogen levels, which lowers the risk of bones diseases.

In order to prevent health problems, you need to exercise regularly and regulate your calcium intake.
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