These Are the 6 Common Symptoms That Your Kidney Is Already Damaged

Our kidneys are the filters in our body. They are located right under our ribs, and can filter 120-150 quarts of blood every day.

It is also the significant ones in the body and if they do not function correctly, then the whole body health is at endangered.

So you have to take care of your kidneys and have the awareness of the symptoms of damaged kidneys in order to act on time thus stopping further damage.

Here are the cautious signs of a damaged kidneys:
1. Urination changes

Maybe the most evident and early sign of kidney problem is by the changes of the pee. Here are the symptoms:
  • Huge force to pee every night hours
  • Pressure while peeing
  • Troubles when urinating
  • Foamy pee
  • Pale urine, often urination and in huge amounts
  • Dark pee, less often peeing and in smaller amounts
2. Metal taste in the mouth

If the kidneys are damaged, then the waste will get build up in the blood, and the person who is suffering this problem may have foul bad breath or changed taste in the mouth.

3. Upper back ache

The most usual pain when damaged kidneys are concerned is the sore in the upper back. The ache caused through kidney problem is commonly reflected on one side of the upper back, and often occur with urinary changes and fever.

4. Inflammation

Though the kidneys are not performing their basic job and that is reducing the body waste it can result in face inflammations in the hands, feet, legs, and ankles.

5. Skin rash

When the body suffers kidney failure that build up waste is not being eliminated from the body, the blood is not correctly filtered which will result in dry, irritated and unhealthy skin.

6. Fatigue

Kidneys are in charge of the production of EPO or erythropoietin, a hormone responsible for producing red cells that furnish the body with oxygen. In case of kidney failure the quantity of red cells is being lessened and the person might suffer fatigue, muscle pain, and brain damage, occur with extreme fever.
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