These Are The 10 Body Signals We All Have To Take Seriously

The human body is an amazing natural machine. Of course, from time to time, our body does experience the occasional health issue, but it is well supplied to deal with a lot of them, through sending us signals explaining what the issues with our insides are.

Hence, it is essential to know what these signals look and feel like, and comprehend what they signify.

Below are the 10 body signals we all require to take grimly:

1. Brittle Nails and Dry Hair

- They’re clear signs that there’s lack of vitamin D and calcium in your organism. In order to solve this problem, you have to consume more high in vitamin D and calcium foods, like milk, legumes, potatoes, wheat and whole grains.

2. Desire for Seafood’s
- People suffer a lot of kinds of food cravings and each kind signifies various problems. Namely, if you have desires for seafood the reason for that might be lack of iodine.

3. Desires for Sour Foods
- If you notice yourself carving after eating sour foods for no obvious reason. It can only signify that your liver and gallbladder require supplementary stimulation. The ideal thing to do is just eat more cranberries and lemons.

4. Cravings for Uncooked Foods
- If you always have desires for raw food, the reason for that likely is specific liver problem. Still, these desires also might signify gastritis. In such case you have to indulge your desires and consume raw foods.

5. Desire for Something Sweet

- When you’re craving sweets habitually, it can only signify you suffer nervous exhaustion (you are tired). The require for sugar is, in fact, a require for glucose, which is a source of energy.

6. Desires for Salty Food

- This maybe sounds a bit unusual, but if you have desires for food rich in salt, the reason for that probably is a swelling or infection in your body.

7. Dry Skin on your Elbows
- This is a usual sign that you are lack of vitamin A and C. To cure this problem, you’d be wise to eat more carrots, pumpkin, oranges and apricots. Eating any fruits and veggies would help, but the said above four are the perfect for this problem.

8. Dry Skin in Overall
- If the skin all over your body is dry, the reason for that likely is insufficient of vitamin E in your organism. The body lotions will not mend this issue. Instead, you have to eat food high in vitamin E, veggie oils, oily fish and nuts.

9. Bleeding Gums

- Bleeding gums and also all issues connected to your oral health signify that you are lack of vitamin C. You have to conclude more fruits and vegetables in your everyday nutrition, specifically garlic.

10. Leg Cramps, Lack of Sleep, and Irritability
- These three are clear signs that you are lack of potassium and magnesium. By consuming leafier greens, you can elevate the levels of potassium in your body on an entirely way. It is recommended to consume kale, spinach and chard. In order to elevate the magnesium levels in your body you have to consume more sunflower, almonds, linseed and nuts.

Source: Central Readers
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