Mysterious Cloud Formation, A Sign Of 'The Second Coming'

Have you ever seen any unusual cloud formations before that made you think it's a UFO or a sign of the second coming?

If so, this strange phenomenon caught on film might not surprise you anymore, but it did shock a lot of people who had in Costa Rica.

On September 15, a multi-hued cloud phenomenon was recently spotted in the Costa Rica's skies, and residents were left awestruck and mystified, leading them to took some photographs and videos which was later uploaded to social media.

The topic circulated the web for months and netizens had theories on what caused the light formation, including aliens or UFO, while others said it's a sign of rapture.

One woman who posted a video of the formation to YouTube said the cloud over Escazu looked "like the end of times."

"The skies opened up as if it were the end of times -- It was truly a beautiful glimpse of what our God has in store for us on the day he comes back," YouTuber Jessielou121 wrote in her video's description.

However, experts said the cloud has a less divine explanation -- a rare phenomenon known as "cloud iridescence." The colorful luminescence is caused by the sun's light being refracted by water droplets and ice crystals in the cloud.

Another explanation claimed that those were Earthquake lights which appears while an earthquake is occurring. They are reported to have different shapes with a white to bluish hue, but occasionally they have been reported having a wider color spectrum.

The luminosity is reported to be visible for several seconds, but has also been reported to last for tens of minutes.
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