Limang Pagkain Na Magdudulot ng Malubhang Sakit Sa Inyong Anak Na Dapat Limitahan

Petroleum is a yellowish liquid mixture consists of hydrocarbons. It is extracted from specific rocks, and later refined to produce fuels such as kerosene, gasoline, and diesel oil.

What's alarming is the fact that this refined petroleum is also used in the food industry as an additive in a wide assortment of popular products.

Petroleum is used for different variations of food coloring that can be found in sports drinks, soda, mac and cheese, cake, candy and other ‘American’ products.

To be more specific, yellow dye #5 and red dye #40 are some of these variations.

* Red 40 causes tumors of the immune system in mice and allergic reactions and hyperactivity in children.

* Yellow 5 produces the same effects but also contains a high number of carcinogenic substances which link it to organ damage.

* Yellow 6 causes adrenal tumors in animals and hypersensitivity in children.

Unfortunately, Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still approves the use of products that contain petroleum by-products, even though they are already banned in other countries around the world because of their health-harming effect.

These are the Top 5 Cancer-Causing Snacks:

1. Pop Tarts

The most popular flavor, frosted strawberry, contains contain high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and sugar, all of which have been linked to diabetes, sugar addiction and liver problems in children.

2. M&M’s

These candies contain a lot more than chocolate, including Blue 1, which can trigger the development of malignant tumors, Blue 2, which can increase hyperactivity and has been linked to brain tumors, Red 40 which can damage DNA, and Yellow 5 and 6 which have been linked to cancer.

3. Cheetos

The artificial coloring of this snack is made from Yellow 6, which is derived from petroleum, as is the “cheese” flavoring, which includes methyl benzoate and ethyl methylphenidate.

4. Fruit Snacks

The food color used in these “fruit” flavored snacks is Red 3 or erythrosine, a petroleum product which has been banned for use in cosmetics due to its connection with thyroid tumors.

5. Teddy Grams

Although these tiny bears seems harmless at first, they are rich in TBHQ, which has constantly been linked to vomiting, nausea, anxiety delirium and stomach cancer.

Replace these unhealthy snacks with natural and organic products, either homemade or store-brought, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

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