7 Symptoms That Your Body Is Over Acidic and How to Get Rid Naturally

When the body is too acidic, it produce an unpleasant environment where disease, bacteria, and yeast growing.

It also takes minerals from important organs and bones to balance the acid and eliminate it from the body.

Below are the 7 symptoms that your body is over-acidic:

1. Fatigue

When your body is over-acidic, your immune system is attempting hard to beat the infection and that makes your body sickly.

2. Dental Issues

When your body is too acidic, it impedes calcium absorption, making the teeth weak and vulnerable to caries. You may also suffer from bleeding or sore gums.

3. Weak Bones

An acidic body is experiencing from lack of calcium, and we all know that calcium is important for bone potency. So, if you have osteopenia or osteoporosis, it is very probable that it is caused through body acidity.

4. Increasing Weight

Acid in the blood obstruct the supply of oxygen to the organs, and without sufficient oxygen the organs cannot do their task, causing the metabolism to slow down.

5. Mucus Accumulation

An acidic environment stops the mucus from coming out into your nose, hence letting the infection to stay in the body. That leads to sinus problems, chest ache, coughing and respiratory issues.

6. Insomnia

If you are having problem in sleeping, it may be due to the high levels off acid in your blood.

7. Skin Issues

The acid not only obstructs the supply of oxygen to skin cells, but it stops the toxins to get out through sweat too. That indicates that the skin cells will be occupied with toxins.

Here’s how to make your body more alkaline:

Drink lemon extract with honey every morning before breakfast
Keep away to very acidic foods
Consume more dark green leafy veggies
Eat natural foods
Increase your consumption of calcium and magnesium
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