6 Skin Changes That May Signify a Severe Health Problems

The skin is the biggest and most essential organ of the human body that shields the internal organs. Its condition may be a signs of many complications with internal organs. People frequently disregard the signs sent from the skin.

Here’s the 6 changes should be talking more attention, although many of us don’t associate them with health issues:

1. Wrinkles throughout the eyes

- Although wrinkles show that you laugh frequently, sudden appearance of fine wrinkles throughout the eyes can signify decreased eyesight because of the impossibility of clearly viewing.

2. Extremely pale skin

- If your skin clearly pale, it may be a sign of chronic anemia, one of the largest causes of pallor. Anemia, a complication which the body doesn’t produce sufficient red blood cells can be triggered by insufficient iron, folic acid and vitamin B12, but can also be genetically triggered.

3. Darker skin in the underarms and neck

- If the skin throughout the neck and armpits in particular areas become darker, it can a symptom of diabetes or thyroid issues. Disruption in skin discoloration is frequently manifested in the folds of the skin and is usual in people with an elevated chances of diabetes type 2.

4. Freckles

- Freckles may signify the cellular skin destruction from UV rays. Several people are genetically more vulnerable to freckles, but they can also be the result of too much sun exposure or more vulnerability to UV rays.

5. Dry skin

- Dry skin may signify dehydration, not accessing sufficient water in the body or drinking too much of alcohol and caffeine. It also points to the contradictory situation or elevated acne due to the skin is attempting to produce extra fat to complement the insufficient of water.

6. Acne throughout the chin and mouth

- Acne appearance in this area of the face could signify polycystic ovary syndrome, problem of endocrine system, which could result with infertility.

If they arise throughout the mouth and chin often, and you have irregular menstruation cycle, you should see your doctor as soon as possible.

Source: Central Readers
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