Top 7 Bedtime Drinks to Cleanse Your Liver and Burn Fat As Well

There’s no hesitation that the drinks we consume before going to sleep plays a big role on how our liver is cleansed, how it functions and how it supports our general health.

Based to the teachings of the old Chinese medicine, the liver is an organ which is the liveliest during the period of 1-3 am.

A lot of studied the effects of different drinks with the aim of finding the correct one to drink and use the working time of the liver to their advantage.

Cleanse your liver and burn fat by these 8 bedtime drinks.

Here are some teas and bedtime drinks which studies have verified to have a wonderful effect when it comes to detoxification and activating the burning of fat.
1. Chamomile Tea

- There’s no hesitation that this specific tea is one of the perfect bedtime drinks. While it might be a bit sour to the taste as an effect of its strong properties, it does an amazing job to prepare the liver for the detoxification method.

2. Lemon Water

-  Lemon water is another fan-favorite formula when it comes to beginning off and ending the day in the proper way. It’s a drink that is strong beyond measure, and its effects have been verified by a lot of studies.

It is perfect to consumed warm, before you go to sleep. It supports clear the toxins from your blood. If you like to enhance its benefits, just sweeten the lemon water with 1 tsp. of honey.

3. Lotus seeds
- Can be totally useful when it comes to preparing a bedtime green tea. This herb is usually used to lessen stress, anxiety and to calm both your body and brain. It can even help in curing and stopping cardiovascular issues.

4. Rose Tea

- For starters, they increase the flow of the liver, combat depression, and help prepare your body for a good night sleep through calming your blood vessels, muscles and general body and brain, while supporting your liver to remove dangerous toxins.

5. Mint Green Tea
- As many of us are familiar with, peppermint is one of the most popular plants when it comes to benefitting the body in each way possible. For beginners, it helps the digestion method, can help combat sleep problems, and can help the liver with its cleansing and digestive methods.

6. Oat Tea
- When blended, oat seeds and oat flakes can make a strong dietary tea. This oat green tea is full of vitamins, minerals and properties which are useful for the 2nd phase of the cleansing method of the liver as numerous nutrients require to be consumed through the body in this phase.

7. Cherry Tea

- This kind of berries can be used to prepare a yummy and very strong tea when dipped in a cup filled with hot water. Research has proven that this cherry tea has powerful hepatoprotective potentials. Moreover, to this, the tea has been known to help and improve all body methods, concluding the cleansing method.
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