These Are The 8 Life-Threatening Body Pains You Should Seek an Attention Immediately

Discomfort that signals a life-threatening problem is commonly intense and life-threatening, begins abruptly, and is connected with a number of other symptoms and signs.

Below are the pain symptoms that needs a quick attention:

1. Chest, shoulder, arm, and jaw pain

- It indicates that your heart is not getting sufficient oxygen from your blood. It commonly hurts worse when you are active. Heart attack pain frequently spreads to other areas of the body like shoulders, arms, neck, jaw, and back.

2. Serious headache

- A serious headache is not usual. A bad discomfort in the brain can be a symptom of a stroke or a blood clot. Other signs such as stiff neck, fever confusion, weakness, or numbness, pain like you’ve never felt before, throwing up, fainting should be examined.

Other signs your headache is not normal

It gets worse when you stand up.
The discomfort gets worse over time, and meds are not helping.
You have a family history of specific health problems.

3. Lower back ache

- If you feel this, it could be an indication of heart problem. It could be an aortic dissection, it happens when the main blood vessel to the middle and lower areas of your body bursts. It is an extremely serious condition, seek a medical help or rush to nearby hospitals if you feel like unexpected pain at your back.

4. Sharp pain in the gut

- When you feel like being pricked by a knife or shot in the abdomen it could be an indication of either appendicitis, pancreatitis, or a swelled gallbladder.

5. Hard to breath or shortness of breath

- Dyspnea or shortness of breath came from a lot of reasons: varying from weight gain to major problems like heart attack, stroke, blood clots, asthma and lung infection.

6. Tender urination

- Painful urination could be a bladder cancer based to Urological surgery experts. The discomfort and the blood in your pee are signs of this, the fourth most usual cancer in men.

7. Inflammation or pain in one leg

- Pain occurred by a swollen leg merits medical attention. Experts stated the inflammation in both legs can be a sign of congestive heart failure, but swelling in only one leg – specifically the calf – associated with discomfort could be a sign of blood clot in the leg.

8. Persistent pins and needle feels in your feet

- If your feet are numbing, burning or tingling, you could have nerve destruction triggered by diabetes. You may even lose all sensation in your foot. See your doctor, who will send you for a blood glucose test. The affected limb may require to be remove if the damage is serious enough.
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