The Dangerous Effects Of Holding Your Pee Too Long

Who haven't experienced holding their pee once in their life? Well, you are not alone. We often hold our pee as long as we can especially when we are doing something important or something we can’t stop at the moment

Maybe you’re on the phone, or you’re driving. We all hold our urine sometimes for various reasons, and while it’s harmless in the short-term, there might be some dangerous risks when you make a habit of doing this over time.

Holding in urine can lead to bladder infections and other problems such as:

* Kidney stones

These are tiny “stones” that form in the kidneys from excess sodium or calcium, and if these mineral deposits are not regularly expelled via the urine, the moment will come in which the stones try to leave the body via the urinary tract and the pain that this movement produces will be unbearable.

* Cystitis

This is a problem that primarily affects women, and has to do with the inflammation of the walls of the bladder, most commonly called cystitis. Its primary symptoms are:

* Pain in the pelvis

Burning and pain while urinating

* Swelling of the bladder

The average bladder can store up to 15 ounces of liquid. If you drink eight glasses of water a day, you consume about 64 ounces. So it does mean that you need to get rid of the excess water via regular expulsion through urinating or your bladder will have to face serious problem.

Other adverse effects of holding your pee are:

- Constant and strong pain when urinating
- Fever, caused by the effect of the bacteria present in urine that were not properly expelled from the body
- Shivers
- Stomach pains
- Cramps
- Anxiety
- Difficulty concentrating on anything other than the desire to pee

As you may have already noticed, there are many health problems that you can avoid by simply heading to the bathroom when you have a 'call' from nature. We hope that this advice will help you take better care to maintain your bladder free of harmful residues and to keep your kidney in perfect conditions.
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