What Your Pimples Say About Your Overall Health

Acne has been the number one enemy of teenagers and young adult. It usually brings embarrassment and low self-esteem to a person

Since acne is caused by an internal problem, the only way to clear it up is to know what exactly the proper way to defeat it.

According to some alternative medicine practices, where your acne shows up can give you important clues about your internal health. The practice, called “face mapping,” examines the location of skin diseases on the face to diagnose internal diseases.

For example, acne or other inflammatory skin conditions in certain regions of the face point to possible inflammatory or toxin-related issues within our internal organs.

Here is a short tutorial on the art of face mapping.
1. Upper forehead

- Connected directly to the lower digestive system (the bladder and large intestine).
- Indicates poor digestive function according to face mapping beliefs.
- To clear up what's causing it, consume foods rich in antioxidants like berries, lemon water and green tea.

2. Lower forehead

- Connected to the psyche and spirit.
- Caused by psychological factors such as stress, anxiety, or depression and problems with proper blood circulation.
- To prevent these issues, manage stress and get ample amounts of sleep. - - Unwind, relax, and keep your skin and psyche healthier.

3. Eyebrows

- Indicates liver function.
- Too much stress on the liver, such as a diet high in fats or excessive alcohol consumption.
- To address these issues, try a lower-fat diet and reduce or eliminate alcohol from your diet.

4. Cheeks

- Associated with lung function.
- Smokers and people suffers breakout in this area.
- Take precautions to protect your respiratory health by avoiding smoking and allergens in order to clear up pesky breakouts on the cheeks.

5. Nose

- Associated with heart-related problems, such as high or irregular blood pressure and chronic or acute stress.
- Eat heart-healthy foods and herbs and foods known to reduce blood pressure and blood cholesterol.
- Take a break from daily stress.

6. Chin and mouth

- Areas associated with the upper digestive system such as stomach and small intestine.
- Avoid fast food, fake foods as well as these 10 food ingredients.
- Eat more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and get a good amount of fiber in your diet.

7. Side of the Chin
- Connected to the reproductive organs, urinary tract and kidneys.
- Menstrual cycle usually causes the breakouts.
- Also point to a problem with kidneys working overtime.
- The best solution is to schedule in relaxation time and take it seriously.

8. Ears

- Indication of kidney function.
- When kidneys are functioning at a less-than-optimal level, you get breakouts on the ears.
- To help your kidneys work, consider reducing dietary sodium intake.
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