What Foods To Eat And Exercise To Do Based On Your Body Shape

Understanding your body type will help you to strategically & successfully plan your strength training and diet regiment, and once you establish your body type, you can adjust nutrient intake to maximize fitness composition and health related goals.

There are 4 main types of female construction -hourglass,apple and pear. Very few people fall perfectly into one of the three categories, and are often a mix of the 4 characteristics.

Find out how you should eat, to quickly lose weight, according to your body type.

1. Apple-Shaped Body

Those with an apple body type tend to hold more weight in the middle of their torso. Chest and waist measurements will be similar, but the hips will be a bit smaller.

* What to Eat:

Those with an apple body type are more prone to heart-related health issues. When eating, half of your plate should be full of fresh vegetables or fruit. Also, it is better to go with organic whole grains like brown rice, quinoa, and oatmeal. Proteins should be low in fat like fish, low-fat organic cheese, beans, peas, or nuts.

* How to Exercise:

Brisk walking or jogging are important along with yoga and weight training.

2. Pear-Shaped Body

Pear body types carry the majority of their weight in the lower portion of the body. This makes weight loss extremely difficult because most exercise is meant to burn fat around the middle, which protects the heart.

* What to Eat:

If eating protein, make sure it is very lean. This is because it is easy for this body type to store fat, but it is more difficult to store protein or carbohydrates. It is also important to have a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and complex carbohydrates like whole grains, lentils, and beans.

* How to Exercise:

Cardio workouts that focus on the lower half of the body, like running or biking, are best. However, it is also important to strength train the upper half of your body.

3. Rectangle or Straight Body

Straight or rectangular body types tend to be more slender. They also will have similar measurements for the chest, waist, and hips.

* What to Eat:

Straight body types will gain weight around the midsection. A diet rich in healthy fats, like avocados, is best. Fish, nuts, other forms of lean protein, fruits, and vegetables are also important.

* How to Exercise:

Exercise for straight body types should be about building muscle in an effort to keep extra weight off the middle and create definition of the human form. Weight training is very important.

4. Hourglass-Shaped Body

The hourglass shape is the most desired body type, but women with this body type do suffer some weight gain problems.

* What to Eat:

It is best to eat mostly fresh fruits and vegetables. Whole grains like quinoa are also very important. Finally, only lean protein should be consumed. Food to avoid includes high-fat meats, processed foods, sugars, and caffeine.

* How to Exercise:

A full body workout is important for this body type. Fat will be spread out, so hitting all trouble areas is necessary.

Depending on your body type, your carb tolerance is different and your strategy should be different.

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