Ways To Reduce Getting A Chronic Kidney Diseases

Kidneys are vital body organs which filter waste from the blood and help us to get rid of them through urine production.

Although these two, bean-shaped organs are comparatively smaller than other organs, we absolutely cannot do without these filtration mechanisms.

If our kidneys ever malfunction because of disease or prolonged neglect, our heart, lungs, and liver could follow shortly after.

If you feel like something is wrong with your kidneys, especially if you have a relative that has kidney disease, seek medical advice right away.

Watch for these 10 subtle symptoms of kidney disease:

1. Changes in urination. For example – constantly having to get up in the middle of the night to pee, then only having a few drops come out, is a common sign that there’s something wrong with your kidneys.
2. Pain in the legs, abdomen, or upper back. Leg and flank pain are the most common complaints of patients that test positive for kidney disease.
3. Low grade fever. This counts as one of the earliest signs of a lot of diseases, including kidney disease.
4. Having blood in the urine, or otherwise having foamy, saturated urine.
5. Swelling in the joints and face.
6. Feeling tired really easily.
7. Sudden and prolonged changes in how food tastes. People with untreated kidney disease usually report a foul, metallic taste in their mouth and food.
8. Feeling unusually cold, even in hot weather.
9. Having trouble catching your breath constantly.
10. Having extreme, unusual itching; usually on the back and legs.

Whether you have to maintain the health of your kidneys or want to prevent future problems, a few things can help to keep your kidneys healthy.

Here are the 9 simple ways of reducing your risk of kidney disease:

1. Eat healthy.
2. Eat Less Salt.
3. Avoid / limit foods high in purines such as read meat, animal organs, seafood and alcoholic beverages.
4. Keep your blood sugar in check.
5. Keep your blood pressure controlled.
6. Exercise.
7. Keep yourself hydrated.
8. Use medication wisely / Avoid Painkillers
9. Stop Smoking.
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