If You See These Unusual Things In Your Eyes, Better See Your Doctor Before It's Too Late

Your eyes hold clues to your overall health, and can even help diagnose diseases.

Everything from allergies to autoimmune diseases can present with ocular symptoms first.

This is why it’s important for adults to have an eye exam every two years.

There are so many conditions we can find that don’t have symptoms, so coming in every couple of years allows us to look for trends or changes.

* When eyes lose their natural brightness

This aspect is a reflection of the liver and also renal congestion, this means that the blood does not flow in an appropriate manner. There is also an overload of toxins which makes difficult in the circulation.

* Dark yellowish circles

The yellowish color almost always is a signal from the liver or gall bladder and means that these organs working above their means.

* Dark circles or black

When the circles are dark or even black, organs that are involved are the kidneys, the bladder and reproductive organs, due to a problem in the digestive system .

* Dark circles, pale or gray color

In this case, one of these organs does not work properly due to a right lymphatic drainage. In other cases it could refer to the endocrine or hormonal system.

* Eye bags

They either indicate that the digestive organs and the excretory are congested. Or the body can not properly excrete toxic substances. When the bags under the eyes become a chronic disruption and, instead of  water, contain fat, are a sign of a more serious stage, and it would be advisable to undergo for a check-up.

* White patina on the pupil

When the pupil (back dot at the center of the iris) is covered by a white spot, this may indicate the presence of mucus and other particles which have not been digested properly or that are decaying.

* Reddened sclera

The sclera is the white part of the eye and often many people notice a reddening of capillaries, indicating problems in the circulatory functions and breathing.

* Yellow spots on the sclera

As mentioned above, the yellow refers to the liver and gallbladder, where they probably are accumulating calculations of bile.

* Dilated pupils

Pupils adapt their size in the light of where we are. However, when we notice that they are larger than normal, irrespective of the lighting, this may be due to situations of stress or even the presence of parasitic intestinal.
If You See These Unusual Things In Your Eyes, Better See Your Doctor Before It's Too Late If You See These Unusual Things In Your Eyes, Better See Your Doctor Before It's Too Late Reviewed by Admiin Artikulo on May 18, 2018 Rating: 5
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