How To Easily Remove Blackheads By Only Using Toothpaste

Who doesn't wish to have a cleaner and clearer skin? Everyone does however, as no one is safe from having blackheads, it's quite impossible to maintain a cleaner face.

Blackheads are considered the early stage of acnes.

But do not let the word “acne” worry you too much because blackheads is a form of acne that is easiest to treat.

So easy that you can even remove the blackheads from your nose and face by just using this very effective home treatment.

For years, toothpaste have been the quick “go-to medicine” for clearing out blackheads and the reason behind is that it contains certain ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, menthol, essential oils and other chemicals that generally dries out pimples and takes out blackheads.

Although toothpaste is popular in drying out pimples and reducing blackheads, caution is needed so as not to dry the skin too much.

Step 1
Apply one small dab of toothpaste to each blackhead right before bed. Apply an amount large enough to cover the blackhead but small enough to dry completely overnight.

Step 2
Sleep on your back to avoid wiping off the toothpaste as you sleep.

Step 3
Wash off the toothpaste in the morning with a gentle cleanser. Follow up with an exfoliant to scrub away any remaining dirt and oil, according to Daily Glow.

Step 4
Pat dry, then examine your blackheads. Repeat the treatment again before bed if stubborn blackheads persist.

Remember to not use mint flavored toothpaste, because it might cause tears in the eyes.

If you are prone to blackheads and want something that is quick and painless, then this effective remedy is for you.
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