How to be Issued a 10 Year Philippine Passport Validity by DFA

Department of Foreign Affairs has announced earlier this year the start of issuing Philippines passports with 10 years validity.

The announcement of the required application for a 10 year validity is same as for applying a passport but with some addition.

Requirements to Renew Passport and Apply for the 10 Year Validity Passport:

Confirmed appointment via
Filled up the application form
Appeared personally on the day of the appointment
The most recent expired or expiring passport
Valid ID
Supporting documents as needed
    Rules and regulation will be followed when issuing 10 Year Philippine passports:

    Filipino must be 18 years old and above to receive a 10-year validity passport.
    Filipino under the age of 18 at the time of application shall only be given a 5-year validity passport.
    Issuance of 10-year validity passport starts on January 1, 2018.
      ( Ages below 18 are not allowed to have a 10 year validity due to the reason that their face may change over the years, it is best to be renewed after 5 years)

      How Much to Renew Philippine Passport?

      950 pesos is the price to renew a passport, regardless of the extended validity. However, the price may change in the future in exchange for better features and improvements according to DFA.

      For those applicants who are not able to book slots, DFA has announced that they are opening new slots every day. Simply visit their site to check for new slots, currently if some applicants experience technical issues on their site, they are already working on improving their system.

      How Long Before You Receive Your Philippine Passport?

      Upon completion of the requirement and appearing personally in the DFA office, applicants can approximately receive their passport in one weeks’ time. Applicants have also the option to have it delivered directly to their house or pick it up in the DFA’s office.
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