Home Remedies for Head Lice That Will Definitely Get Rid of Them

Lice is very irritating. Besides the enormous scratching, it is an embarrassment if these pesky creatures suddenly becomes visible on your head while in public.

As they reproduce quickly, it is very difficult to eliminate lice parasites within a few days.

They usually occur in children in school, boys and girls, but girls are more prone to these parasites.

Despite being frustrating, lice are not dangerous and they won’t spread any disease. They may bite a child’s scalp, however, and this can make it irritated and itchy, with scratching sometimes leading to infection.

Luckily, there's a certain head lice home remedy that are effective at reducing the number of these pests or even completely eliminating them.


- Listerine mouthwash
- Lice comb.
- White vinegar.
- A couple of towels.
- Shower cup or plastic bags.


1. First, wash your child’s head with mouthwash until it is completely wet.
2. Wrap the hair with a plastic bag or cover it with a bathing cap. Let it sit for an hour minimum.
3. Carefully remove the plastic bag/bathing cap.
4. Wash your kid’s hair with vinegar and cover it again with a hat/bag for an additional hour.
5. Remove the bag/hat and wash child’s hair with regular shampoo.
6. Comb the hair with a lice comb after. The whole treatment lasts a couple of hours.

The strong smell of Listerine will keep lice away. They can not stand the smell of spearmint.

This treatment has several advantages over commercial products:

* It is healthy and without side effects. It provides long-term results (after treatment, lice are unlikely to appear again).
* It’s cheap
* Just a couple of spritzes of mix green / mint water will keep the lice away.
* It provides complete protection.
* The child’s hair will become more smooth and shiny, with nice smell.

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