7 Things You Have Never Guess The REAL Purpose

There are many things that we see around us everyday, yet the real purpose of these things are unknown to us.

We have listed here some of those things that might still bothering you and its real purpose.

1. The Hanging Loop on the Back of Your Shirt
Two explanations have been gathered for this. First one is obviously it’s for hanging up your shirt. The second explanation comes from the generation or era of removable of handkerchiefs and shirt collars, it can also help fasten a tie.

2. The Cylinder on Your Laptop’s Power Cable
This small but very important device is called a ’ferrite bead.’ It helps to suppress a high-frequency noise in electronic circuits. Its design is very simple, it has an insert made from ferrite which the cable is wrapped around.

3. The Tiny Hole in the Window of a Plane
The tiny hole helps equalizing pressure in the middle of the cabin and the area between the two panes and it also allows the air to move between them.

4. The Blue Part of Your Eraser
It was originally made to remove marking from pen marks.

The pink part can often leave traces of what was written behind on the paper, whereas the blue part helps to get rid of everything.

5. The Horizontal Button Holes on Your Shirt
This has its basis in the fact that the buttons in these two places are more likely to come undone. A horizontal button hole makes this less likely compared to a vertical one.

6. The Extra Eyelets on Your Sneakers 
They are meant to fix the shoes in place on your feet and prevent them from rubbing your ankles while you’re playing sports.

7. The Small Pocket within a Pocket on Your Jeans
The most common answer to this is to hold contraception, but it wasn’t the original purpose of this. It first appeared on Levi’s jeans way back in 1873 and was meant to be used for pocket watches. To this day it is still officially introduced as a ’watch pocket’ by the manufacturers.
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