7 Ways On How to Make your Private part Fresh All Day

It is not a secret that most women have problems with the health of their private parts or intimate area.

Private area is moist, closed off almost all of the time and these are the primary reasons of having a smelly private part.

These certain factors are mainly the cause of having a foul odor on private part, this happening can certainly give the feeling of embarrassment and discomfort particularly to your partner most of the time.

It is extremely essential to make the feminine hygiene of all women on all ages to be careful and conscious in maintaining the cleanliness of their feminine area. 

Because no matter on how healthy and clean our private area it will always have a distinct smell that is natural on the body.

That is why in this article we are going to discuss about how a woman can make their private part all day fresh without the smelly odor.

7 ways on how to make your private part smelly free:

1. Shave or wax – shaving or waxing your private part in as your hygiene routine is very essential on having an odorless feminine area because the hair on it adds on to the moist and smell.

2. Wear cotton underwear 
– in order to avoid unnecessary odor it is advised to wear cottony undergarments to avoid sweat.

3. Rinse well – washing is necessary to maintain a clean feminine hygiene but washing properly between the vaginal opening as well as the anus is the best way to clean.

4. Clean once a day – cleaning your private part at least once a day is needed to have a clean and bacteria free private part.

5. Rinse outside – make sure to rinse the private part outside so that no dirt will enter.

6. Use your fingers – put the lower lip aside and rinse around the clitoris with your fingers.

7. Mild soap – using mild soap as a cleaner will prevent infections.

Source: Read and Digest
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